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Expedition to Palau

From June 28 to July 5, 2020

When considering your options for diving in the Caribbean, the Bahamas and its Out Islands offer a distinctive combination of international glamor and tropical ease.

The islands and cays stretch across nearly 100,000 square miles of ocean, beginning at the north point east of Palm Beach, Florida, and extending nearly 750 miles to the southeast, where they lie within 50 miles of Cuba and Haiti. .



The mushroom-shaped rocky islands of Palau aboard the ROCK ISLANDS AGGRESSOR ™ offer a variety of exciting dives: remnants of World War II, shark infested canals, blue holes and even some caves. There are also transparent walls covered with lush corals and huge anemones.


Dive sites in Palau

Big drop-off

It is considered by most to be the most beautiful wall diving in Palau due to its abundance of hard and soft corals, sea fans, pyramid butterfly fish banks and a multitude of tropical reef fish.


Blue corner
This is a series of four large holes at the top of the reef that converge to form a gigantic underwater chamber. The chamber has a large opening in a wall that houses soft corals, sea fans, sea whips and hard corals. The large pelagics that are often found here include tuna, jacks, gray and white tip reef sharks, barracudas and eagle rays. Grouper, Napoleon fish, crossbow fish, Moorish idols, butterfly fish, anemones and turtles are common at this site, which is next to Blue Corner.


Chandelier Caves
A short bath through a tunnel at a depth of 35 'opens to a cave consisting of three chambers. Beautiful stalactites formed by the water dripping through the rock island above, hang from the roofs and give their name to the caves. The small holes in the exterior wood allow fresh air to enter the chambers so that divers can emerge and admire the beautiful surroundings.


Denges Passage
This natural canal, located on the east coast of Palau, is home to a whole family of sepias. Uncommon creatures, related to the squid family, are as accommodating to photographers as they are rare. It is not often that divers find them due to the relatively few locations in the world where they can be found, their ability to remain relatively still and their excellent camouflage.


German Channel
This artificial channel that crosses the southwest side of the coral reef houses two diving areas. A site, known as Manta Rock, is a natural cleaning station where giant stingrays cause their bodies to be cleaned of parasites and debris by means of cleaners. Gray reef sharks also often use wrasses services. The area is also inhabited by barracudas, snappers, titan trigger fish, gobies, lionfish, leaf litter and an octopus. Nearby is a coral garden that features crocodile fish, nudibranchs, flat worms, anemones and clownfish.


New drop-off
Halfway between Blue Corner and Big Drop-Off, this vertical wall is similar to Blue Corner in that it is a shallow platform that goes deep into the ocean, catching the current and creating an upwelling that attracts pyramidal butterfly schools and barracudas, along with a series of gray reef sharks. The steep wall is covered with soft corals and sea fans.


Ngedebus Coral Gardens
One of the best collections of hard corals in the Pacific, this dive features a groove and groove reef structure that supports turtles, cuttlefish, anemones, tridacna clams, white tip reef sharks and thousands of small school-age fish.


Ngerchong Island, beyond Denges Pass, has two nearby dive sites: Ngerchong Outside and Ngerchong Coral Gardens. Ngerchong Outside is a sloping wall dive with sea fans, anemones, soft corals and many hard coral formations. Sharks, parrot fish and school-age fish are frequently seen here, as well as an occasional ray blanket. The Coral Gardens, also known as Ngerchong Inside, is probably the best dive in Palau to see an abundance and variety of hard corals. Coral table, deer horn coral, elk horn coral, mushroom coral and brain coral are just some of the coral varieties found here. In addition, many anemones with clownfish, along with sepia, turtles and other fish thrive here. This dive can be enjoyed at any depth between 10 'and 80'.


The island of Peleliu, at the southern end of the main archipelago of Palau, is surrounded by magnificent walls. Dive sites include Peleliu Corner, Yellow Wall and Orange Beach, among others. Peleliu's dive sites are mainly steep walls covered with sea fans, sea whips, hard corals and anemones, but dominated by soft corals. Peleliu is an excellent place to observe large pelagic life, particularly sharks.


Short Drop-Off
A sloping wall just outside the entrance to the Koror harbor that is covered by giant marine fans. The top of the wall is a beautiful coral garden loaded with tropical and invertebrate fish.


Siaes Tunnel
An extraordinary dive on the west side of the Palau, near the Ulong Canal. The immersion begins in a steep wall with the opening of the tunnel from 70 '. 

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