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Get your RAID dive certification at

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Start your diving course online and get certified in Cozumel

Enjoy the best diving experiences in one of the best places to do this activity, Cozumel.


Diving is an exciting activity, in Escafandra we take care that you learn everything you need to get your international diving certification and enjoy your next vacation diving.

In the course you will learn all about this exciting activity, through the development of theoretical and practical knowledge, your training will help you develop underwater skills and abilities through pool practices.

Once your course is finished you will be ready for the adventure!

Immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of the Caribbean to discover the second largest coral reef in the world, the Great Mesoamerican Reef, one of the most spectacular areas in the world to dive.


Cozumel is a Mexican island, the third largest and the second most populous in the country. It is located in eastern Mexico, in the Caribbean Sea, sixty-two km from Cancun and constitutes one of the 11 municipalities in the state of Quintana Roo.


It is the first place in all of Mexico to receive the first rays of the sun.


This Mesoamerican reef system covers twenty-two kilometers that stretch on its white beaches that frame it, but they are not the only thing that will make you fall in love with the island.


Thanks to its great marine biodiversity, it is considered an ideal place for diving, the large coral banks that form live underwater gardens are home to a rich and varied marine fauna.

Places where you must dive.

Tour the Paradise reef and enjoy the brightness of the colorful fish that swirl next to you, or dare to immerse yourself during the night to discover the new forms that the same space takes at another time that arrives daily and without truce.


Meet Yucab, one of the longest reefs on the continent, and then descend into San Francisco. Visit the turtles on the wall of Santa Rosa.


It ends with Maracaibo and Barracudas, the most extreme with strong currents and more complicated access.

Cozumel Island the best diving destination to vacation and enjoy diving.

In addition to great importance and unparalleled dive sites, offering dreamlike landscapes, has a wide variety of eco-tourism activities.


The Course includes:

Open Water Diver Online Course

Pool training dives (In Cozumel)

Open Sea Certification

Beach dives

Boat Dives

International Dive License


If you already have a diving certification, ask for all the travel options.
Prices per person, subject to changes in airfare

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